• Kei-tora Ichi / Light Truck Market

    Kei-tora Ichi / Light Truck Market

    Shizukuishi Yoshare Street market is a vehicle-free area where fresh vegetables, fruits, crafts etc. are piled and sold on light trucks. Various unique local products and cheap goods are showcased to the crowd every first Sunday of the month.

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  • Iwate Snow Festival

    Iwate Snow Festival

    Snow sculptures under every year's theme are displayed. Various events are held around and about 300,000 tourists visit. Snow sculptures and ice sculptures are illuminated at night to create a spectacular view.

  • Shizukuishi Yoshare Festival

    Shizukuishi Yoshare Festival

    You will witness a special dance beautifully and ceremoniously performed by "Shizukuishi Anekko" to accompany the Shizukuishi Yoshare's special traditional song. The formal costume of Shizukuishi Anekko's dancers are dark blue fabric with a "koshi piri" (long coat), close fitting trousers, wrist cover bands and a knitted head dress.

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