• Light Truck Market

    Light Truck Market

    This morning market in the town of Shizukuishi, held at the Shizukuishi Yoshare-dori (Yoshare street ) shopping arcade is very popular. While the market is operating the area is a vehicle-free zone and local vendors sell fresh vegetables, fruits and handcrafts. The market is filled with unusual local and discounted ...

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  • Iwate Snow Festival

    Iwate Snow Festival

    The attendees are assigned different themes each year, and elaborate works of snow carvings are lined up. A variety of events are held every day, and Iwate Snow Festival flourishes with about 300,000 people. The snow carvings and ice sculptures are lighted up at night to create a fanciful space.

  • Shizukuishi Yoshare Festival

    Shizukuishi Yoshare Festival

    The festival includes singing songs of Shizukuishi Yoshare, which have been handed down orally for generations. You can see a beautiful, dignified, and unique dance performed by “Shizukuishi anekko” (women of marriageable age). The shikushishi anekko are dressed in authentic kimono jackets with a dark blue pattern, traditional working trousers, ...

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