A famous local and his Poem

Kenji Miyazawa, a famous fairy-tale writer and the representative of Japanese literature, often visited Shizukuishi and introduced this place in some of his works.
One of the introduction of Shizukuishi is Nanatsu Mori (seven forests). There are seven forests in Nanatsu Mori but one in particular has rocks that have unique composition. Kenji was captivated by those rocks and he often visited the forest to collect some rocks. To Kenji who was familiar with geomorphology and geology, the figure of Nanatsu Mori gave a great influence on his view at the nature and the world and in the end, it became a part of “Ihatov”, a toponym created by Kenji to represent his ideal earth.
Today, there are still a lot of people visiting Shizukuishi as the place beloved by Kenji Miyazawa.

Nanatsu Mori (Seven Forests)


Omoriyama seen from distance


Scenery over the basin seen from Omoriyama


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