Remains of the Jomon period

There are plenty of remains from the Jomon period in Shizukuishi. Jomon earthenware adorned with rope patterns, and earthen figures which were said to be of religious importance, were excavated from these remains.

In Shizukuishi, during the Edo period, horses were used to make farming more efficient and were treated with care as a member of the family. Houses were built in L-shape so that the family could watch horses from anywhere in the house. The family took their meal while watching the horses eat and they slept while listening to the sound of the horses’ movements.

With the change of people’s way of life, people started to use machines for farming and horses disappeared. As a result, Magariya (L-shaped houses) are now rare. However, some are still kept and preserved in Shizukuishi.

Earthenware of the Jomon period


The interior of Magariya


The external view of Magariya


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