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The Original! Shizukuishi Light Truck Market (2017.4.24)

The Original! Shizukuishi Light Truck Market (2017.4.24)
This is the Shizukuishi Town Morning Market where the producers pack light trucks with goods and sell fresh produce, fruits, crafts, etc., at the Shizukuishi Yoshare Street Shopping District “Hokousha Tengoku (Pedestrian Heaven, where roads are closed off for events)”. Every month on the first Sunday (in principle), it is crowded with many people. Every time at the venue of the Light Truck Market, innovative events are held. This year the events will also be held 7 times from May until November.

Venue: Shizukuishi Town Yoshare Street Shopping District
( Shizukuishi Higashihachimantaisen, 212 Iwate Kendo)
Access: 10-minute walk from JR Shizukuishi Station
Dates Held: May 7, June 4, July 9, August 6, September 3,
October 1, November 5
Hours: 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Light Truck Market Executive Committee
(inside Shizukuishi Chamber of Commerce)

Shizukuishi Wasabi (2017.4.17)

Shizukuishi Wasabi (2017.4.17)
The abudant underground water of Mt. Iwate grows wasabi full of vigor. They quickly grow while viewing Mt. Iwate every day. Box type cultivation was first introduced in Iwate Prefecture and idle farms and unused lands were put to use for stable production. In addition, pesticides are not used so you can eat them with peace of mind. Dressing and various pickles will be sold in addition to the rhizome and leaves of the wasabi. Please come and taste of the zesty wasabi grown in Shizukuishi.

Produced and Sold: Shizukuishi Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: Michi no Eki Shizukuishi Anekko

Gosho Lake in Shizukuishi Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Festival (2017.4.10)

Gosho Lake in Shizukuishi Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Festival (2017.4.10)
The Gosho Lake in Shizukuishi Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee will hold a cherry blossom festival in Gosho Lake at Shizukuishikawa Garden for two days on Saturday, April 29th and Sunday 30th. In the venue, the Aiko Nakagawa Company (4/29) and female department of the Shizukuishi Chamber of Commerce (4/30) will perform a celebration of song and dance, and food and drink will be sold at temporary shops. Why come and feel the bustle of spring in Shizukuishikawa garden, a place famous for its cherry blossoms.

Date and Time: April 29 ~30, 2017, Saturday and Sunday
10: 00 AM ~ 3: 00 PM (both days)
Location: Shizukuishi River Garden
(Shimukubo, Shizukuishi-machi, Iwate Prefecture)
Access: 10-minute walk from JR Shizukuishi Station
Admission: Free
Inquiries: Gosho Lake in Shizukuishi Sakura Festival Executive Committee

Shizukuishi Onsen (Hot Springs) Town Common Bath Ticket (2017.4.3)

Shizukuishi Onsen (Hot Springs) Town Common Bath Ticket (2017.4.3)
The first sales period for the popular annual “Shizukuishi Onsenkyo Common Bath Ticket” that can be used at 16 Onsen facilities in Shizukuishi Town will be on sale from April 3 (Monday). 5 tickets are for 2,100 yen (including tax) and is a great bargain at 420 yen for each bath ticket (some facilities may require 2 tickets). The tickets are valid until September 30. By all means, why not take advantage of this opportunity and refresh yourself at the Onsens in Shizukuishi Town.

Valid Period: April 3, 2017 (Mon.) – September 30, 2017 (Sat.)
Price: 2,100 yen (5 ticket set)
Usable Facilities: Minamiamihariarineonsen, Yukotan no Mori
Hashiba Onsen, Michi no Eki Shizukuishi Anekko
Genbu Onsen, Lodge Tachibana
Keiryu no Yu, Genbu Fuyutei
Shizukuishi Takakura Onsen, Shizukuishi Prince Hotel
Kunimi Onsen, Ishizuka Ryokan, Morisansou
Amihari Onsen, Qkamura Iwate Amihari Onsen (Onsenkan), Arine Sansou
Oshuku Onsen, Hotel Uguisu, Jukoen, Kawachosansou, Hotel Kagasuke
Hotel Kairakuen, Choeikan, Hotel Mori no Kaze Oshuku
Sales location: Shizukuishi Tourist Association, Koiwai Farm Makiba Park, Oshuku Onsen Tourist Association, Iwate Prefecture Tourist Association, Morioka Tourism Convention Association, Morioka Handi-Works Square
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Tourism Association

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