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A “Yogurt Kobo (Workshop)” at Tezukuri Ice Cream Bokusha Matsubokkuri
(Handmade Ice Cream Farmhouse Pine Cone) has been created! (2017.5.22)

A Yogurt Kobo (Workshop) at Tezukuri Ice Cream Bokusha Matsubokkuri (Handmade Ice Cream Farmhouse Pine Cone) has been created! (2017.5.22)
On May 9 (Tuesday) “Yogurt Workshop” was built at the Hand-made Ice Cream Bokusha Matsu Bokkuri! We use 100% fresh Shizukuishi milk here to create a yogurt with a refreshing flavor. You can now enjoy a yoghurt drink from the drink menu at the Gelato Corner (150 yen per serving).

Sales: Yogurt drink 1 serving 150 yen (tax included) (Gelato Corner)
Sales: Plain yogurt 1000g 850 yen (tax included) (Fresh pine nuts)
Yogurt drink 900ml 780 yen (tax included) (Fresh pine nuts)
Location: 70-48 Hayasaka, Shizukuishi-machi Nagayama
Inquiries: Tezukuri Ice Cream Bokusha Matsubokkuri (Handmade Ice Cream Farmhouse Pine Cone)
+81-19-691-5030 (Japanese Language Only)

Kunimi Onsen (Kunimi Hot Springs) (2017.5.15)

Kunimi Onsen (Kunimi Hot Springs) (2017.5.15)
This is a secluded hot spring in a gorge where there is no electricity, no buses passing by and has rare, green colored hot water surrounded by the scenery of nature. There Yunohana (hot spring precipitation sediment) is so abundant that if left alone, a film overlay would develop.
Snow will close off the area in winter, however from mid-May to late may, it will reopen for business. There are three facilities in Kunimi hot springs, Ishizuka Ryokan, which is close to the mountain climbing path to Akita Komagatake, Mori Sanso featuring an outdoor hot spring bath and the town owned day hot spring facility, Kunimi Sanso. Why not refresh yourself while enjoying a late green spring at the high altitude Kunimi Onsen.

Kunimi Onsen Facilities List

Ishizuka Ryokan: Reopens in mid-May
Mori Sanso: Reopens on May 6
Kunimi Sanso (day trip): Reopens on May 15

Inquiries: Shizukuishi Tourism Association

Rental Bicycles (2017.5.8)

Rental Bicycles (2017.5.8)
The Shizukuishi Tourism Association is conducting renting of bicycles that can be used from the JR Shizukuishi Station as the starting point. The bicycles can be rented from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. They come with electrical motors for assistance so going up hills will also be easy! Why not relax and move leisurely while directly feeling the fresh greenery of the season.

Rental Times: 9:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM (until returned)
Rental Fee: 500 yen for two hours
4 hours 800 yen
1 day 1,200 yen
Up to 1 hour can be extended for 300 yen
(however, permission in advance is required)
Number of rental bicycles: 3 bicycles with electrical assistance
(Electrical assistance time is about 4 hours)
Advance Reservations: Reservations in advance are accepted. (Reservations cannot be when fully booked)
When reservations are fully booked, rentals on that day will not be possible.
Rental Requirements: Junior high school students or older (junior high school students must be with an adult)
Identification will be confirmed when renting bicycles.
(Driver’s License, Student Certificates, Photo ID, etc.)
A 1,000 yen deposit will be required for IDs without photographs and will be refunded when bicycles are returned.
Availability: Until November
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Tourism Association

Nanohana (Rape Flowers) (2017.5.1)

Nanohana (Rape Flowers) (2017.5.1)
It is now the best time for viewing Rape Flowers, one of the representative flowers of spring. Three locations recommended for this year will be introduced. The first one is the Gosho Lake Park Machiba District Park Area. On clear days you can photograph the Rape Flowers together with Mt. Iwate. The second location is a cottage village close to Oushuku Onsen (Oushuku Hot Springs). This is a hilly area and the view of overlooking the landscape from a high hill is quite beautiful. The third one is Koiwai Farm. You can enjoy viewing the Rape Flowers while driving towards Makiba Park from Route 46 along the prefecture road. Please contact the Shizukuishi Tourism Association for the status of the Rape Blossoms.

Viewing Season: Mid May ~ late May
Fee: Free
Location of Blossoms: Shizukuishi Flower Map (URL below)
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Tourism Association

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