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Illumination Fantasy (2017.9.25)

Illumination Fantasy (2017.9.25)
The Flower & Garden Mori no Kaze (Forest Wind) illumination has been renewed with the concept of Kenji Miyazawa’s “Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru (Night on the Galaxy Express)”. 340 thousand lights bulbs of illumination along with fireworks will colorfully light up the Mori no Kaze Osyuku night.
Please enjoy the collaboration of fantastic lights shining in the autumn night sky.
There are also many spots perfect for taking pictures in the garden!
Why not take photos for your memories with souvenir photos and photos to post on SNS.

Period: Until the end of March next year, every Saturday
Start of Fireworks: 8:15PM ~ (Festival space event on that day is from 8:20 ~)
Area Held: Community Garden Mori no Oka (Forest Hill) inside the Flower & Garden Park
(Admission is free for guests staying at the Hotel Mori no Kaze Osyuku)
Inquiries: Flower & Garden Kaze no Mori

Shizukuishi Industry Festival (2017.9.18)

Shizukuishi Industry Festival (2017.9.18)
On the 2 days, October 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun), the “2017 Shizukuishi Industrial Festival” will be held at the Shizukuishi Town Sports Park as the venue. Events such as a log sawing and fish grabbing race, shops lined with “Delicious” Shizukuishi foods, events that children will be participating in on stage and many other fun projects have been prepared. Mochi pounding demonstration and passing out mochi will be done on both days. Handicrafts representative of the town such as woodwork products, textiles and iron craft accessories will be on sale and lots of the “Charm of Shizukuishi” will be readied. Please come and accept our invitation to come here.

Venue: Shizukuishi Town Sports Park Gymnasium
(104 Takemaeda Shizukuishi-machi, Iwate-gun, Iwate-ken)
Date and Time: October 21 (Sat) 9: 30AM ~ 4: 00PM
October 22 (Sun) 9: 30AM ~ 3: 30PM
Admission: Free
Contact: Shizukuishi Industry Festival Executive Committee (within Agriculture and Forestry Division of Shizukuishi Town Office)

Koiwai Farm Important Cultural Property Walk (2017.9.11)

Koiwai Farm Important Cultural Property Walk (2017.9.11)
In October, the 6th “Japan’s only 4 story huge wooden warehouse, brick building refrigerator that doesn’t use electricity, cowshed that is a cultural asset but is still being used and Japan’s oldest giant silo close view walk” will be entitled and held!
Out of 21 buildings designated as important cultural properties of the country, 16 will be introduced.
Built in 1905 (112 years ago) in the times where there was no electricity, the inside of this electricity-free natural refrigerator will be open to the public!
The cows that live in the cowshed that is an important cultural property will also be introduced.

Days Held: October 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun), 9 (Mon – holiday), 22 (Sun), 23 (Mon)
Time: 9:30 Reception ~ Start 10:00 ~ Arrive 12:00
(About 2 hours, about 2km)
12:00 ~ Lunch meet
Facilities Visited: No. 1 ~ No. 4 cowsheds, stud cowshed, No. 1 silo, No. 2 silo, weighing and measuring room, former breeding cattle warehouse
Fee: 2,980 yen per person (lunch included, excluding admission fee)
Capacity: 30 people (reservations possible, same day admission also possible)
Lunch Fee: The premium omelet rice, yogurt drink, soup and salad set
Application: Koiwai Farm Makiba Park

Recommended Autumn Leaves Spot, Funahara Autumn Leaves (2017.9.4)

Recommended Autumn Leaves Spot, Funahara Autumn Leaves (2017.9.4)
It is about 15 minutes from the town center of Shizukuishi Town and going in the direction of Akita on Route 46 after passing Hashiba Elementary on the left side, you will soon see Takigawa River, one of the tributaries that flows into the Shizukuishi River. The low mountains leading to the opposite side of the river will be beautifully colored with leaves of red, scarlet and yellow during the season for Autumn Leaves. The mountains of Nishiki and the flowing Takigawa River full of ambience are magnificent scenes of autumn representative of Shizukuishi.

Viewing Period: From mid-October
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Tourism Association

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