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Shizukuishi Ginga Ropeway (2017.11.27)

Shizukuishi Ginga Ropeway (2017.11.27)
At Shizukuishi Prince Hotel, the ropeway at Shizukuishi Ski Resort as will be operated at night as the “Shizukuishi Ginga Ropeway” until March 17th. The brightness of the star filled sky seen from the altitude of 730 meters where the light of the town hardly reaches, is because the air is clear in the winter. An impressive spectacle which cannot usually be seen spreads across the sky.

◆ 2017 – 2018 Winter Season daily (May be suspended because of bad weather)
December: 16, 22 ~ 31
January: 1 ~ 7, 13, 20, 26, 27
February: 3 ~ 10, 11, 17, 23, 24
March: 3 · 10, 17
◆ Operating Hours
Up 8:30 PM
Down 9:00 PM
Location: Side of Hotel, Ropeway boarding area

Shizukuishi Ginga Ropeway General Fares
◆ Adults 1,800 yen Elementary school students 1,000 yen *Free for preschool children

< Note >
Since the star lit sky viewing will be at an altitude of 730 meters, please prepare warm clothes etc.

Inquiries: Shizukuishi Prince Hotel  +81-19-693-1114

Iwate Kogen Snow Park (2017.11.20)

Iwate Kogen Snow Park (2017.11.20)
The Calgary slope will be renovated at Iwate Kogen Snow Park this year. It has become easier to ski and access to the gondola has become smoother. The distance to the summit where you go by gondola of about 2 kilometers and is about 1,200 meters above sea level and the outstanding quality of snow and view are appealing.
Also, the school is complete. Additionally, to the only mogul specialty school in northern Tohoku, lessons exclusively for children are held every day.

In addition to a freestyle course, there are also a family, kids, beginner slope and a kid’s park where kids and beginners can ski at ease regardless of their level. Even children who do not ski or snowboard can have a good time here. Kids’ free, which offers free ski lift tickets for elementary school children will also done this year.

Period Open (tentatively): December 9 (Sat) ~ April 1 (Sun)
Address: Nagareyama Iwatesan, Shizukuishi-machi, Iwate-gun, Iwate
Inquiries: Iwate Kogen Snow Park

Amihari Onsen (Hot Spring) Ski Resort (2017.11.13)

Amihari Onsen (Hot Spring) Ski Resort (2017.11.13)

Utilizing the natural landscape for its rich variety of courses and plentiful snow, its beautiful rime ice is popular and is the most historic ski resorts in Iwate Prefecture.

Moderately prepared packed snow slopes, unpacked snow zones where you can fully enjoy power snow, a forest course that you ski through the forest, a “Dangan (Bullet) Course” where you can fully enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing, etc., although compact in size, the more you ski, the more you see the depth of the layouts and many people are repeaters.

Additionally, the area is a location where you can directly travel to the back country of the Hachimantai area and it is the starting point for entering the back country of the Hachimantai area for skiers, telemarkers, snowboarders and others who want to experience the vast nature of the national park.

The adjacent Amihari Onsen (Hot Spring) is a flowing sulfur hot spring with a history of 1300 years. You can leisurely warm your cold body in the hot spring after skiing.

Period Open (tentatively): December 16 (Sat) ~ April 1 (Sun)
Address: Amihari Onsen, Shizukuishi-machi, Iwate-gun, Iwate
Inquiries: Holiday village Iwate Amihari Onsen (Amihari Onsen Ski Resort)

Shizukuishi Ski Resort (2017.11.6)

Shizukuishi Ski Resort (2017.11.6)
This ski resort was the stage for the 1993 Alpine Ski World Championships. You can enjoy the wealth of slope variations centered around the magnificent long course which is 4.5km in length. For people who cannot ski or snowboard, there is the Shizukuishi Snowland that even small children can enjoy. It is completely equipped with specialized tubing and snow strider courses. Ninja Athletics are also available this season. Activities such going on snowmobiles for powder ski and star gazing activities are very popular. Please come to Shizukuishi with your family, your group or as a couple.

Period Open (tentatively): December 16 (Sat) ~ March 25 (Sun)
Address: Takakura Onsen Shizukuishi Town, Iwate-gun, Iwate
Inquiries: Shizukuishi Ski Resort

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