• Nature


    Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall-each season filled with its own glamour; whenever you visit, you’ll be met with beautiful sceneries.

  • Ecotourism


    There is a Paradise in Koiwai Farm where trees are meticulously planted and kept; raised to a luscious greenery. A farm built from a 120-year history; a true pioneer of ecotourism.

  • Agritourism (Green Tourism)

    Agritourism (Green Tourism)

    You’ll be able to experience the traditional farming in Shizukuishi: working at the paddies like rice planting and harvesting; forestry, which involves pruning trees, growing mushrooms; and farming like seeding and potato harvesting.

  • Farm-to-table foods

    Farm-to-table foods

    You will be greeted by Shizukuishi’s unique local products. With the 5-star program you will be filled with Shizukuishi’s seasonal local products.

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